OptiMA’s Move to New Office and Manufacturing Space Complete

Shrewsbury, MA –  OptiMA, Inc. officals have announced the relocation of its operations from Northborough, MA to the Hills Farm Industrial Park in Shrewsbury, MA. The new facility will bring the company’s corporate office, warehouse and manufacturing facilities all together in the same building.

Because of rapid expansion over the past few years OptiMA, Inc. had been leasing three separate buildings In Northborough. The newly renovated 10,000 sq. ft location will reunite the entire company under one roof, greatly improving company efficiencies and still be able to accommodate future company growth. The new facility will be divided into 3,000 Sq ft of office space and 7,000 Sq ft of manufacturing and warehouse space.

New Technology Driving Expansion

Speaking about the relocation, OptiMA Vice President Doug Klimavich mentioned “the overwhelming success of our new custom printed Opti-Print™ line of dry erase boards and products. This new technology is taking the company into the future and it’s the driving force behind our expansion. We are really excited about the future of our company. It is an incredibly humbling feeling to be expanding our business and facilities during these economic times; it’s tough out there. I think that we are truly blessed.”

OptiMA, Inc. is dedicated to continuous improvement in its commitment to provide excellent service, products and values for its customers and this relocation is seen as an important step in this ongoing process.

About OptiMA, Inc.

Starting as a local business to business company in 1987, OptiMA, Inc. expanded to the internet in 2000. The company now owns and operates a collection of ecommerce websites that provide its customers a selection of visual communications tools with a focus on teaching aides such as White Boards and Bulletin Boards. In 2007 OptiMA, Inc. opened a new division, OptiMA Graphics which creates custom printed dry erase boards in-house and offers them on its newest website PrintedDryErase.com.

OptiMA, Inc. websites include WhiteboardsEtc.com (est. 2000), MyWhiteboards.com (est. 2001), MatsEtc.com (est. 2002) MyVisualDisplay.com (est. 2003) & PrintedDryErase.com (est. 2008)

For more information about OptiMA, Inc, visit the corporate website www.optimacompanies.com or contact Adam Reed, Marketing Manager, OptiMA, Inc. at 508-842-6200.