Introducing the New and Improved WEATHER-PROOF Magnetic Dry Erase Wall Covering!

Introducing the new and improved WEATHER-PROOF Magnetic Dry Erase Wall Covering!

This Opti-Rite Magnetic Self Adhesive Dry Erase wall covering product is engineered to endure the weather. Common uses are on garage walls, body shops, dugouts, menus, public signs and message boards. Our customers asked for a self-adhesive, magnetic wall covering, and we delivered. Once again, we collaborated with our suppliers to redevelop the product so it can endure the outdoor elements.

Opti-Rite® Mag™ SA has a bright white dry erase writing surface that erases clean and doesn’t stain. In addition, the adhesive is super strong and reduces bubbling issues. This multi-industry whiteboard is available in a 47.25″ wide width and sold in pre-cut lengths of 6″, 12″, 25″, 50″ and full length rolls of 65′”. You can also purchase custom cut lengths up to 65′ long to suit your exact needs. We even have a matte option perfect for use as a projector screen.


  • Strong Self-Adhesive Backing
  • Opti-Rite Dry Erase Wall Covering lasts up to 20,000 wipes.*
  • Magnetic Receptive
  • Material Is 47.25″ Tall And Comes In Rolls Up To 65′ In Length
  • Pre-Cut Rolls Available From 6′ Long Up To 65′ In Length
  • Easy To Cut Or Trim With Scissors Or Razor Knife And Straight Edge
  • Clean With a Soft Cloth. We Recommend Opti-Wipes™ Dry Erase Wiping Cloths
  • If You Need A Marker Tray, We Recommend The Atlas Marker Tray Kit
  • Stocked And Shipped From Our Massachusetts Warehouse
  • Current Lead Time, 1-4 Days Depending On Quantity
  • Ships Rolled Up In Heavy Duty Shipping Tubes

How long does it last and does it peel after a while?

Opti-Rite® Mag™ SA  is designed to persevere in the toughest environments, like in a warehouse or outside in the rain. This is a permanent wall-covering with extremely strong adhesive backing. In rare cases, temperature fluctuations can affect the corner adhesion, and after a while lifting will be noticeable. In harsh environments like this, adhesive spray or glue will do the job. 

Does it leave marker streaks or ghosting?

Nope. None. Nada. Many companies will list that the product leaves no “ghosting,” but it’s not always true. Any dry erase mark will vanish completely from the Opti-Rite wall covering with the swipe of a fingertip. Of course, we do recommend using the  Opti-Wipes™ Dry Erase Wiping Cloths. Isopropyl Alcohol and a soft cloth will do the trick any time the dry erase ink is left on the whiteboard to the point where it’s hardened.

How to properly care for the Opti-Rite Mag SA?

For daily erasing, we recommend the  Opti-Wipes™ Dry Erase Wiping Cloths or a fiber cloth. Do not use a chalkboard eraser or paper towel. A weekly clean with water or isopropyl alcohol is a great way to keep the material looking good as new. This product will degrade when general disinfectant cleaners, bleach or acetone is used. To disinfect the writing surface, isopropyl alcohol is the best.

How do I remove permanent marker ink?

You can try rewriting over the permanent marker with a dry erase marker and wiping it away. This may be the solution depending on the amount of time the permanent mark has been there.

How do you install the Opti-Rite® Mag™ SA?

For best results, use the easy “Hinge Method” Installation with the help of another person. Avoid pinching or kinking the material during application as the crease mark could be permanent. This self-adhesive covering can be applied to any location, (indoors or outdoors) to resurface old wood, metal or plastic mediums.

The Easy “Hinge Method” Installation Process

    1. Trim: your Opti-Rite® material to size with scissors or a X-acto knife if needed. Opti-Rite® is shipped with some excess material to aid in installation.
    2. Mark Wall: Using a level and pencil measure and lightly mark where the top edge of the Opti-Rite® Mag™ SA will be installed. 
    3. Hang with liner still attached: With the help of a partner, unroll Opti-Rite® Material and use painters tape to hang it level onto the wall with the liner still attached to the back of the material. Tip: Don’t apply the tape across the top. Instead, apply painter’s tape to all 4 corners of Opti-Rite® covering. 
    4. Create the hinge: Now use painters tape to create a hinge starting from the wall at the top center all the way to the wall at the bottom center. The tape should be vertically centered and attached to the wall above and below the Opti-Rite Material.  
    5. Left Side Prep: Take off painter’s tape from the corners of the left side. Double check the placement of material to ensure that it is level. This is a permanent product with extremely strong adhesion. Carefully peel the liner off of the entire un-taped left side and use scissors to cut it off. 
    6. Left Side Adhesion: With one person holding the corners outstretched, use a soft cloth or a squeegee to push the material onto the wall moving from the center all the way to the edges making sure to eliminate any air bubbles. Once the left side is completely flush to the wall, move on to the next step. 
    7. Right Side Prep: Remove the painters tape from the center and corners of the right side. Carefully peel off the liner making sure not to pull on the adhered Opti-Rite Material on the left side. 
    8. Right Side Adhesion: With one person holding the corners of the right side outstretched, use a squeegee or a soft cloth to push the material onto the wall moving from center to edges until the entire Opti-Rite Covering is secured on the wall. Use the squeegee or soft cloth to get any remaining air bubbles out from under the material. 
    9. Usage:  Before using your new dry erase writing surface for the first time, we recommend that you wipe it down with a soft cloth. 




Resurfacing old worn out plastic, wood or metal mediums is easy with Opti-Rite® Dry Erase Wallpaper.