Get Back On Track With a Fridge Whiteboard

Organizing the little things and carving out time for the activities that matter are a huge part of getting your life together and achieving flow. Stop stressing about housekeeping and rest assured that you’ve planned and delegated all outstanding tasks with your fridge whiteboard. 


Why a fridge whiteboard and not an office whiteboard? The kitchen is a high traffic area and any visual display in the kitchen is more likely to act as a reminder. If you’re reminded of something you’re more likely to do it. And most of the chores that need to be done are located in the kitchen, like feeding the pets, cooking meals, and doing a fridge inventory. 


Identifying Your Needs

At the ground level, you need to identify the most important aspects of your life. Is it spirituality, family, work, friends, relationships, etc? Pinpointing this will help you understand how much time you need to carve out. Is it an hour for family hikes? Or is it 2 hours for weekly book club meetings? However much time you have leftover, you should set aside at least 25% to do something you love. Whether it be 6 hours or 1 hour, take time to watch Netflix, meditate or read. If you have a side hustle and grinding is what you love, then that counts too. 


Sectioning your Fridge Whiteboard based on your Needs


You spend 8 hours sleeping about 10 hours working and commuting. That means you have 6 hours left in the day for everything else. How will you use those hours? -Anonymous 


The answer to this question will change from day to day. Having a fridge whiteboard to easily erase, check off, and add to will come in handy. So you subtracted sleeping, working and me-time from your 24 hour day. Let’s say you have 4 hours a day to complete outstanding chores. Here’s how you can section off your whiteboard so you can get ‘er done.


The Classic Weekly Schedule: 

The sure fire way to make sure you’re getting the basics done. The Classic Weekly Schedule is  especially helpful if you want the tasks to repeat every week and might end up being the focal point of your whiteboard. 

The Checklist:

A great way to delegate tasks to people (smaller people with high pitched voices) is to let them own their own checklist. Let them create it themselves and give them options as to what chore they’d like to help with. Check off the box can act as a reward when the task is completed. 

The Sequence Chart:

This tool is great for one-off tasks that require a bit of thinking and logistics. Leave some room on the side to make a quick sequence chart. 

The Grocery List: 

A staple for a foodie or for a household with lots of people. The Grocery List is a great way to let others know “we’re out of milk.” 

The Menu: 

Sunday is a popular day for creating a healthy and creative meal plan. The Menu goes hand in hand with the grocery list. 

The Ballot: 

Can’t decide on a place to eat or where to spend Saturday with the fam? Leave some room on your whiteboard to take a vote. 

The Dashboard

Now that your plan is established, you can start living in the moment,  forming good habits, and focusing on what is most important to you, whether it be work or play. Your fridge whiteboard might look something like this. 




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