Get Back On Track With a Fridge Whiteboard

Organizing the little things and carving out time for the activities that matter are a huge part of getting your life together and achieving flow. Stop stressing about housekeeping and rest assured that you’ve planned and delegated all outstanding tasks with your fridge whiteboard. 


Why a fridge whiteboard and not an office whiteboard? The kitchen is a high traffic area and any visual display in the kitchen is more likely to act as a reminder. If you’re reminded of something you’re more likely to do it. And most of the chores that need to be done are located in the kitchen, like feeding the pets, cooking meals, and doing a fridge inventory. 


Identifying Your Needs

At the ground level, you need to identify the most important aspects of your life. Is it spirituality, family, work, friends, relationships, etc? Pinpointing this will help you understand how much time you need to carve out. Is it an hour for family hikes? Or is it 2 hours for weekly book club meetings? However much time you have leftover, you should set aside at least 25% to do something you love. Whether it be 6 hours or 1 hour, take time to watch Netflix, meditate or read. If you have a side hustle and grinding is what you love, then that counts too. 


Sectioning your Fridge Whiteboard based on your Needs


You spend 8 hours sleeping about 10 hours working and commuting. That means you have 6 hours left in the day for everything else. How will you use those hours? -Anonymous 


The answer to this question will change from day to day. Having a fridge whiteboard to easily erase, check off, and add to will come in handy. So you subtracted sleeping, working and me-time from your 24 hour day. Let’s say you have 4 hours a day to complete outstanding chores. Here’s how you can section off your whiteboard so you can get ‘er done.


The Classic Weekly Schedule: 

The sure fire way to make sure you’re getting the basics done. The Classic Weekly Schedule is  especially helpful if you want the tasks to repeat every week and might end up being the focal point of your whiteboard. 

The Checklist:

A great way to delegate tasks to people (smaller people with high pitched voices) is to let them own their own checklist. Let them create it themselves and give them options as to what chore they’d like to help with. Check off the box can act as a reward when the task is completed. 

The Sequence Chart:

This tool is great for one-off tasks that require a bit of thinking and logistics. Leave some room on the side to make a quick sequence chart. 

The Grocery List: 

A staple for a foodie or for a household with lots of people. The Grocery List is a great way to let others know “we’re out of milk.” 

The Menu: 

Sunday is a popular day for creating a healthy and creative meal plan. The Menu goes hand in hand with the grocery list. 

The Ballot: 

Can’t decide on a place to eat or where to spend Saturday with the fam? Leave some room on your whiteboard to take a vote. 

The Dashboard

Now that your plan is established, you can start living in the moment,  forming good habits, and focusing on what is most important to you, whether it be work or play. Your fridge whiteboard might look something like this. 




Already know what tools or visuals you need on your whiteboard magnet? Head to our Custom Printed Dry Erase Magnet Listing and submit your design. You can save 13% on the 24″ Tall x 12″ Wide Dry Erase Fridge Magnets.  

Whiteboard Exercises to Rediscover your Passion and Work Life Balance

Don’t let the rat race get the best of you. Rediscover your passions and take back your work life balance with these life changing productivity exercises that you can perform on a simple whiteboard. 

1. The Eisenhower Matrix

“What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important.” 

-Dwight Eisenhower

This visual can help you prioritize your tasks and make important decisions. Draw a square and 2 intersecting lines to make 4 boxes. 

  1. The top left square is the biggest and most important because it is reserved for the work that is Urgent and Important, aka, the work you need to focus on. This section should contain activities that directly contribute to your main job function or overarching goal. Like finalizing a deal if you’re in finance or completing payroll if you’re in Human Resources. 
  2. The top right, Not Urgent, but Important, contains items that have enough flexibility for you to decide when and how to fit them into your schedule. This could be exercising or choosing the theme for social media next month. 
  3. The bottom left, Urgent but Not Important are items like approving a request to access a shared google doc. Delegate it to someone else. 
  4. The bottom right, Not Urgent and Not Important are items that you can eliminate, like deleting junk emails. 

Label your box and you are good to go. The Eisenhower Matrix gives you the full picture and allows you to easily add, change or erase when plans change.

2. Personal Finance Metrics

Tracking your personal saving goals is the way to ensure you’re on track to go on a life changing trip to Indonesia or finally get that car you’ve been eyeing. There are many different lenses you can use to view your progress. You could simply measure the rate of savings per paycheck or months till goal completion. You could dig a little deeper and report your monthly saving to spending ratio. Either way, you need a visual that you can quickly pull data from and plug into your phone’s calculator. This visual can be something you leave up for the entire year. 

3. Display a Quote or Song Lyric

Not to get cheesy but, seeing a quote or lyric from your favorite person or film is a great way to start the day. It’s no one’s responsibility but your own to inspire yourself. Remind yourself to get inspired with a weekly quote that gets your juices flowing. 

4. Let your Goals Guide You

We’ve all heard of the Harvard Business Review confirming that if you write your goal down, you’ll be 3x more successful than the person who did not write their goal down. This proves that just having a goal in mind is not enough to reach your full potential. Develop your goal and ensure that it’s timely and achievable. Leave yourself an empty box to check off to make your goal completion even more triumphant. 


5. Health Tracking and Monitoring

Without your physical and mental health, you have nothing. When you’re sick in bed, you’re missing out on life. We need to stay healthy, so we can show up for our peers and for ourselves. Here are some great metrics that you can put in the corner of your whiteboard to help you stay on target!  

6. The Ivy Lee Method

This simple exercise was developed by Ivy Ledbetter Lee, a public relations expert and productivity consultant. At the end of your work day, you write down the six most important tasks that you need to accomplish the next day. Continue by ranking them in the order of execution. The next day, you can rest assured that your daily goals are queued up and you can stop wasting time improvising and more time going through each task programmatically.

7. PreMortem or “What If” Analysis

Though the PreMortem Analysis is used in corporate or small businesses, anyone can use this to ensure personal success in their career or personal life. This analysis is insightful because it answers the question, “What if…?” No one has a crystal ball, but we can be prepared for future obstacles when we understand the things that could bring about failure. 

10 Uses For a Whiteboard

I love my whiteboard wall in my room. When thoughts become muddled and the next course of action is unclear, I turn to my 8’x4’ whiteboard and use it to scribble down thoughts, comforted by the ability to quickly erase if I need to and the ability to step back and see the full picture. I know I’m not the only one who uses visuals to plot their ideas and intentions. No matter what age, profession or industry, remote or on-site, these 10 dry erase board uses can help you clear your mind and achieve your goals. 

1. Goal Tracking 

If you write down your goals you’re 3x more likely to achieve them. This is why many franchises provide their owners with whiteboards to track their progress. You don’t have to have a business to use this tactic. I use my whiteboard wall to track personal finance goals, exercise goals and creative goals alike. I write down the number I want to hit and leave an empty box to check off. I know that when I hit that goal, physically checking off the box will feel so good. 

2. Main Character Moments

It’s important to realize that your life’s journey is a combination of both fate and free will. As an individual you can make a decision or let it be decided for you. Ultimately, you have to provide your own direction and be your own coach, especially if you are an entrepreneur or influencer. Section your whiteboard into a customizable dashboard that you can reference in times of uncertainty. Let it be your Life Coach providing you with every ounce of motivation you need to keep going. Write down quotes from your idols, and mantras that have worked for you. Write down a SMART goal and recognize that nothing is permanent. Especially on a dry erase board. Plans change and being able to erase without a trace, is a great way to adapt. They don’t call it a “clean slate” for nothing. 

3. Projector Screen

If you have a projector and a laptop, all you need is a low gloss dry erase board and you have yourself an interactive whiteboard for presenting a PowerPoint or a home theater for your basement or den. A soundbar and an aux cord are optional. Many home theatre instruction manuals will tell you that you need a Audio/Visual Receiver box but this is only necessary if you want to control several different sound bars simultaneously. If you want to learn more about how to set this up and how to turn your whiteboard work into digital text that you can share, read our blog on How to Turn Your Dry Erase Boards into an Interactive Whiteboard. 

4.  Resurfacing

Renovating and resurfacing your walls with dry erase wallpaper is a great way to save money while creating collaborative spaces for your indoor office, gym, playroom, or classroom and for your outdoor dugout, court or scoreboard. With a self-adhesive backing or a strippable adhesive, future removal is damage free. 

5. Wall to Wall and Floor to Ceiling

Dry Erase wallpaper allows for seamless wall to wall and ceiling to floor whiteboard walls. Check out what Bryant University did in their new Academic Innovation Center, proving that the whiteboard is the innovator’s chosen tool. A study on software designers showed that 80% of cognitive processes made use of whiteboard sketches confirming whiteboards as a “rich medium for supporting design conversations.”  Many others agree.  

6. Decision Making and Storytelling

Biographers, speech writers, producers and creative writers in general need to produce a captivating narrative. But regardless of profession, we’ve all experienced the infamous writer’s block. In layman’s terms, writer’s block is the lack of creative juice. Every job requires creativity and most of the time it’s creativity that solves real world problems and responds to crises. A sequence diagram or story map helps writers brainstorm the perfect narrative. In the business world, it can act as a “project premortem” that reveals obstacles and crises before they happen. 

7. You Know the Drill

Having something you can easily erase and update is great for the gym, the football field, dance studio etc. Small lapboards or wall mounted whiteboards make rehearsing or practicing a little easier and more tailored to the prodigy’s learning style. Everyone with the ability to see can learn visually, but 65% of all of these people learn best visually. This is a highly significant fact to consider when you expect your young grasshoppers to  memorize the drill, the play, or the choreography. 

8. Family PSAs

Of course, brick and mortar businesses should use visual displays at the point-of-purchase, and restaurants should do the same to showcase their menus. Ever thought of creating one for your fridge or your office? Inventory your fridge with these magnetic dry erase sheets or create a menu for the week. Create a dry erase desk blotter to organize your day-to-day and to give you a little motivation. 

9. Creativity for adults and kids

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” -Albert Einstein In other words, playtime is not just for kids. Though a whiteboard is a fantastic piece for the playroom, it’s also a great tool in the office. Drawing and writing by hand can help you arrive at your eureka moment. Try a mind map to help visual your thoughts. 

10. Remote Learning

Small handheld whiteboards, or lapboards have become extremely popular over the course of 2020 because they offer students another way to communicate in the zoom classroom. Julie, a grandmother of 4, bought a 12 pack of lapboards and has given them glowing reviews. Visit our blog to read Julie’s story and see how she helped her youngest keep up with her zoom class. 


How to Turn Your Dry Erase Board into an Interactive Whiteboard

Teachers and Education Specialists are finding the immense value and potential in simple classroom whiteboards. Many classrooms and corporate settings are moving back to porcelain steel whiteboards as older versions of the SMART board become obsolete. Now that “Zoom Classrooms” exist, interactive whiteboards, like the SMART board and the Promethean, have lost their differentiation advantage: screencasting and digital drawing and writing with physical styluses. Maybe you’re thinking about investing in this technology, now that post-covid school or workplace collaboration is foreseeable. *Record Scratch*  PSA: We’d like to remind teachers, managers or other decision makers that require ease of collaboration, to look no further than their old Epson or Sony Projectors: everything you can do with an interactive touch screen board you can also do with a simple projector and low-gloss whiteboard, while saving upwards of $3,000 per set-up. You can find a complete list of reasons why physical whiteboards are better than interactive whiteboards here. It outlines details like price, durability, learning curves, legibility, memory retention and more. 


So you have your projector set up, but you’re still looking for the whiteboard that will perfectly match the projector’s widescreen, resist the glare of the sun or light strips and eliminate image warping and ink streaks (ghosting.) You have options with Optima. Below, we’ll go over the best dry erase projector screens, how to turn your whiteboard into a SMART board and the different ways to capture and save your physical whiteboard work. 

Our Top Picks for Dry Erase Projector Screen Use

Magnetic Receptive Matte Dry Erase Wallpaper

Matte/Projection, Magnetic & Fabric Backing Dry Erase Wallpaper is the go-to projection screen material. This semi-permanent wallcovering is engineered to resist ghosting, projection image warping and light glares while maintaining it’s great price. This versatile but cost-effective whiteboard is made of a unique ferrous powdered vinyl allowing flexibility and magnetic receptivity. It is applied with a 2-step primer and adhesive process and is the best option for resurfacing old whiteboards or blackboards. Click here for more resurfacing options. The dry erase wallpaper roll is available in 2 popular vertical widths, 48” or 6’ and can be ordered with custom cuts up to 65’ in length. With our Quick Ship program, these rolls will arrive within 1-2 business days. 


Low Gloss Interactive Projection Whiteboard

This Framed Low-Gloss Porcelain Steel Whiteboard is available in 3 diagonal widescreen dimensions of 86″, 107″ and a larger 113″ which supports any projected images. Click here for a great projection distance calculator. This board is magnetic and has a thickness variation less than 3mm, thus guaranteed to resist projection image warping. This is the best option for mounting on walls or even on portable carts. This option allows you to take your presentation outdoors.

Lifesaving Ways to Capture and Save Your Physical Whiteboard Work to your Favorite File Storage App

Of course, in this fast paced technological epoch, there are other ways you can save your physical whiteboard work besides just taking a simple picture of it with your phone. Using your phone camera and photo media library is clumsy and does not produce a readable file that can be automatically stored away in your file of choice, Google Drive, DropBox, One Drive, etc. Here is the best way to easily export your physical whiteboard work to your favorite file storage app like Dropbox or Google Drive. 

Exporting Your Physical Whiteboard Work


There are products on the market that will try to convince you to purchase four $15 corner stickers that act as beacons when used with the app. Everything within the four beacons is scanned and turned into a png. The downside of these products is that they do not have OCR capabilities, meaning it cannot pull characters from the photo and assemble them into a body of text to then store in the cloud service of choice. 


CamScanner mobile app is available on any smartphone and has the best Optical Character Recognition that we have seen. Optical Character Recognition means the app can pull characters from an image and assemble them into a fleshed out body of text. Once the app completes this, you have the ability to export your text to Google Drive, DropBox, Evernote, Google Translate, your phone’s notes, your email, social media and more. Though it is a paid subscription of  $4.99 a month or 49.99 a year, it is worth it to visual learners (which is 65% of us humans) or to someone who values handwriting as opposed to typing. There are other free apps such as Office Lens or PDF Scanner App that are just as reliable but don’t offer text exporting. 

Turning Your Whiteboard into a SMART Board Using Your Laptop and a Projector


If you have a whiteboard in your office or classroom and presenting a powerpoint, document or other graphics is a requirement, you’re going to need a way to cast the visual from your screen to the board. For this simple project, you will need your laptop, a projector and an HDMI cord. A soundbar and an aux cord are optional. Many home theatre instruction manuals will tell you that you need a Audio/Visual Receiver box but this is only necessary if you want to control several different sound bars simultaneously. If that’s you: here is the article you need to read: Continue reading for a simple step by step laptop projector setup tutorial. 

Laptop Projector Setup

Needed Items:

  • Laptop with an HDMI port (most laptops these days)
  • A Projector with an HDMI port (most projectors these days)
  • An HDMI Cord which can be found at any big box store like Best Buy or Target. 


  1. Plug in your projector and turn it on. Let it warm up and wait until a light is cast onto the screen or whiteboard. 
  2. Plug one end of the HDMI Cord into the projector, then plug the other end into the laptop. 
  3. The chord will send audio and visual signals to the projector. You can adjust the volume as needed. 
  4. Optional: If you are planning to send your audio to a sound bar like this one, you need an aux cord, aka a male to male headphone jack. Plug one end into the projector and the other end into the aux input of your sound bar. 
  5. If you want to take the audio from your laptop instead of the projector, you need to plug one end of the aux cord into your laptop and the other end into the sound bar. The audio signals might still be flowing to your projector. In this case, open your laptop’s sound settings and select your input device (which will be the name of your sound bar.) 


If you are having trouble getting an image to come through the projector or getting audio to work, watch this video that details troubleshooting: 


Our Projector Screen Whiteboard and Note Capturing Recommendation:

Using technology in learning environments like classrooms, conference rooms or lecture halls is standard these days. Did you know that almost 75% of all teachers surveyed reported a positive impact on learning when technology was introduced? 

But many institutions don’t have the funding to buy $4,000 SMART boards for every room. By using a low-gloss whiteboard like this one, a laptop/projector setup, and an OCR or “text extraction” app like this one, you can easily and cost-effectively retain the technology of a SMART Board. 


Bonus: Here are some possible ways you can use your new interactive whiteboard in lectures or presentations. They are sure to keep your audience engaged. 


  1. Keep it multi-modal. Laboratory studies reveal that we learn better when the inputs we experience are multi-modal or conveyed through different media. 
  2. Using Animations
  3. Storyboards


Regular Whiteboards are Better than Virtual Whiteboards

And here’s the empirical evidence that suggests why.

“Specialists observed classrooms to see if teachers were implementing the interactive whiteboards with fidelity. Now, many of those interactive whiteboards are being torn out and classrooms are re-installing physical whiteboards because dry erase markers are fast, efficient, and flexible.” -Innovative teacher and author, John Spencer

Good old fashioned whiteboards are making a comeback. Teachers and Education Specialists find that the value and potential that a simple whiteboard can have in a classroom exudes that of any virtual whiteboard. Sure, virtual whiteboards can display learning materials like diagrams easily and allow for interactive drawing and writing with calibrated styluses. But so can a projector and whiteboard, for less than half the price, much faster, and without sacrificing a student’s learning. And on top of that, there are so many ways to turn your regular old whiteboard into a “virtual whiteboard,” without spending your whole budget. You can use beacons or screencasting devices that work with any phone, tablet or laptop. We’ll explain more below! But first, here are the specifics you need to know about before making this big decision. 


Virtual Whiteboards Hinder Critical Thinking

It’s proven that high resolution images hold one’s attention span significantly longer than a low-resolution image. The touch resolution on a SMART board is a reported 4000 x 4000, which is 16 megapixels. The human eye can see up to 576 megapixels.  That’s a resolution compression of 36 times. We’ve degraded this picture resolution by 36 times so you can understand the difference. 

Photo resolution degraded by 36 times which is equivalent to the resolution degradation of the human eye to the low-resolution 16MP SMART board.

Human Eye:

SMART Board:

The Poor Image Resolution Affects One’s Ability to Engage With and Memorize Information Presented

Additionally, there are numerous studies including these (1, 2,) that prove handwriting forces the brain to slow down and think about the meaning of the words being written which then improves comprehension and memory retention. The key here is that handwriting, or in this case, writing on a dry erase board involves more senses and motor neurons, than writing on a virtual whiteboard. The physical mechanics, not to mention smells, sounds, textures and sights are memory influencers you won’t get with a virtual whiteboard. Feeling the irregularity of the ink coming off on the writing surface is a stimulant and point of focus that helps  “chunk” information into long-term memory.

Innovative teacher and author, John Spencer tends to agree. 

Not to Mention Stylus Pen Lag

The lag between the pen touch down and a mark actually showing up on the screen is what can be considered an obstacle to creative “flow” described as “the mental state of being completely present and fully immersed in a task,” by Scientific Director at the Imagination Institute Scott Barry Kaufman. Flow is extremely important to creativity. In the flow state, one feels high levels of self-esteem and lower anxiety. The distracting lag between pen touch down and the virtual mark appearing hinders the ability to be creative and find “flow.” More importantly, it steals attention away from the meaning of what’s being written. 

Legibility Practice Goes Out the Window

Many virtual whiteboards commonly purchased at schools, including the SMART board, have a built in feature that actually smooths out the student’s writing automatically improving their legibility. The SMART board’s feature is called SMART Ink™ which sounds like a benefit, but for elementary school students learning to read and write, it could actually hinder their legibility progress and only lead to frustration. 

Other Reasons Why Virtual Whiteboards May Not Be Worth the Purchase


A virtual whiteboard like the SMART board is more than 10 times the price of a regular whiteboard.


Virtual Whiteboard Regular Whiteboard
Price $3,599.00  $302.56 15% off
Size 4.25’ Tall 5’ Tall


It takes at least 60 seconds to boot up a computer and connect to the SMART board. Calibration can take another 1-3 minutes. Taking the cap off of a marker takes less than 3 seconds.


Virtual Whiteboards contain software and hardware that require periodic updating and eventually need replacing. Good luck with Tech Support! Our physical porcelain steel whiteboards are made in the USA and can last for decades depending on use. Many of our products even have a 50 year warranty and are guaranteed to endure at least 20,000 wipes.

Instructor’s Learning Curve

Most of the grade school teachers in the U.S. did not grow up with Pocket PCs. Regardless of the numerous articles out there to help teachers and instructors learn the way of the SMART board, many still require substantial training. Additionally, most interactive whiteboards will not get used to their full potential in a grade school setting. Thus, todays Gen-X teachers will experience a learning curve that will inhibit the full integration of the interactive whiteboard with lessons.


Magnetic Receptivity

Virtual Whiteboard Displays for Classrooms, such as the SMART board, are not magnetic. We couldn’t find any other Virtual Classroom Displays that have a magnetic receptive surface. This means the user can’t post anything on paper, like school events or due dates, unless you use tape, which can leave residue.


We are not ignoring the collaborative capabilities of a virtual whiteboard, such as a SMART Board. It might be just the tool you’re looking for. What we can say is, everything you can do with an interactive touch screen board you can also do with a simple projector and low-gloss whiteboard, while saving upwards of $3,000 per set-up. You can even save your notes with an app called Cam Scanner. Visit our blog here to get the tea on setting up your projector and whiteboard with simple and easy instructions and resources to help boost your productivity.

Or you can try other resources that aid in casting your mobile devices to any projector.

Resurfacing Walls with Durable Dry Erase Wallpaper

Resurface those stained, worn out dry erase boards and chalkboards with Opti-Rite® dry erase wallpaper.

Do you have old, worn out whiteboards in classrooms or offices that are in desperate need of replacement? Save money by resurfacing them with dry erase wallpaper. Opti-Rite® dry erase wallpaper is way more economical than buying heavy and costly whiteboards that take much longer to ship. We have a vast selection of Opti-Rite® dry erase wallpaper options made for renovation and resurfacing, whether it’s for a commercial or home project. Fortune 500 companies like Amazon, Capital One, Viacom, FedEx, etc., trust the Opti-Rite® brand to provide top notch quality unlike anything else on the market. Keep reading to discover ways to save money without sacrificing quality and durability. 


Opti-Rite Lite® and Opti-Rite Clear® have custom lengths up to 150 feet that allow you to create full dry erase walls from floor to ceiling. Even on table tops or any other smooth surface you can think of. 


Homeowners or Contractors: Do not mess with whiteboard paint. It is a recipe for disaster. Issues with ghosting, nicks, and chemical corrosion can be eliminated with our easy peel and stick, self-adhesive dry erase sheets. You can resurface those stained, worn out dry erase boards and chalkboards without having to replace the whole board. Here are the best resurfacing options in our Opti-Rite® Dry Erase brand line. 



Product Durability Weatherproof Self-Adhesive Magnetic Description
Opti-Rite®  Magnetic Self Adhesive Magnetic, self-adhesive dry erase roll that can endure the outdoor elements
Opti-Rite® Lite Self-Adhesive backing with lengths up to 150ft:  great for full wall covering
Opti-Rite® Basic Simple high quality wall covering
View a more detailed comparison here.

Opti-Rite Mag Self Adhesive Dry Erase Wall Covering is a fantastic resurfacing option for the outdoors. It can transform outside garage walls, body shops, dugouts, menus, public signs, beach notice boards and any general message board into an easy communication tool. Our magnetic trays stick right onto the Opti-Rite® sheet if collaboration is needed. 

 For any larger self-adhesive wall covering, our “Easy Hinge Method” makes it simple and fast. Just grab some painters tape, a soft cloth (or squeegee) and a pair of scissors and your new Opti-Rite® Dry Erase sheet will be on the wall in no time. You can find these instructions here!   Click the button to access the installation video.

Not sure where to start? You can take our Opti-Rite Quiz to help narrow down which product will best fit your needs. Just choose your desired features and size, and let us do the rest. We are a high volume dry erase manufacturer here to provide quality products for every renovation or development project large or small. We’ve been taking care of Fortune 500 companies for almost 30 years. Let us help you save money without compromising quality. View all of our client focused products here. If you’re ready to order call us at 866-366-1500. 

Introducing the New and Improved WEATHER-PROOF Magnetic Dry Erase Wall Covering!

Introducing the new and improved WEATHER-PROOF Magnetic Dry Erase Wall Covering!

This Opti-Rite Magnetic Self Adhesive Dry Erase wall covering product is engineered to endure the weather. Common uses are on garage walls, body shops, dugouts, menus, public signs and message boards. Our customers asked for a self-adhesive, magnetic wall covering, and we delivered. Once again, we collaborated with our suppliers to redevelop the product so it can endure the outdoor elements.

Opti-Rite® Mag™ SA has a bright white dry erase writing surface that erases clean and doesn’t stain. In addition, the adhesive is super strong and reduces bubbling issues. This multi-industry whiteboard is available in a 47.25″ wide width and sold in pre-cut lengths of 6″, 12″, 25″, 50″ and full length rolls of 65′”. You can also purchase custom cut lengths up to 65′ long to suit your exact needs. We even have a matte option perfect for use as a projector screen.


  • Strong Self-Adhesive Backing
  • Opti-Rite Dry Erase Wall Covering lasts up to 20,000 wipes.*
  • Magnetic Receptive
  • Material Is 47.25″ Tall And Comes In Rolls Up To 65′ In Length
  • Pre-Cut Rolls Available From 6′ Long Up To 65′ In Length
  • Easy To Cut Or Trim With Scissors Or Razor Knife And Straight Edge
  • Clean With a Soft Cloth. We Recommend Opti-Wipes™ Dry Erase Wiping Cloths
  • If You Need A Marker Tray, We Recommend The Atlas Marker Tray Kit
  • Stocked And Shipped From Our Massachusetts Warehouse
  • Current Lead Time, 1-4 Days Depending On Quantity
  • Ships Rolled Up In Heavy Duty Shipping Tubes

How long does it last and does it peel after a while?

Opti-Rite® Mag™ SA  is designed to persevere in the toughest environments, like in a warehouse or outside in the rain. This is a permanent wall-covering with extremely strong adhesive backing. In rare cases, temperature fluctuations can affect the corner adhesion, and after a while lifting will be noticeable. In harsh environments like this, adhesive spray or glue will do the job. 

Does it leave marker streaks or ghosting?

Nope. None. Nada. Many companies will list that the product leaves no “ghosting,” but it’s not always true. Any dry erase mark will vanish completely from the Opti-Rite wall covering with the swipe of a fingertip. Of course, we do recommend using the  Opti-Wipes™ Dry Erase Wiping Cloths. Isopropyl Alcohol and a soft cloth will do the trick any time the dry erase ink is left on the whiteboard to the point where it’s hardened.

How to properly care for the Opti-Rite Mag SA?

For daily erasing, we recommend the  Opti-Wipes™ Dry Erase Wiping Cloths or a fiber cloth. Do not use a chalkboard eraser or paper towel. A weekly clean with water or isopropyl alcohol is a great way to keep the material looking good as new. This product will degrade when general disinfectant cleaners, bleach or acetone is used. To disinfect the writing surface, isopropyl alcohol is the best.

How do I remove permanent marker ink?

You can try rewriting over the permanent marker with a dry erase marker and wiping it away. This may be the solution depending on the amount of time the permanent mark has been there.

How do you install the Opti-Rite® Mag™ SA?

For best results, use the easy “Hinge Method” Installation with the help of another person. Avoid pinching or kinking the material during application as the crease mark could be permanent. This self-adhesive covering can be applied to any location, (indoors or outdoors) to resurface old wood, metal or plastic mediums.

The Easy “Hinge Method” Installation Process

    1. Trim: your Opti-Rite® material to size with scissors or a X-acto knife if needed. Opti-Rite® is shipped with some excess material to aid in installation.
    2. Mark Wall: Using a level and pencil measure and lightly mark where the top edge of the Opti-Rite® Mag™ SA will be installed. 
    3. Hang with liner still attached: With the help of a partner, unroll Opti-Rite® Material and use painters tape to hang it level onto the wall with the liner still attached to the back of the material. Tip: Don’t apply the tape across the top. Instead, apply painter’s tape to all 4 corners of Opti-Rite® covering. 
    4. Create the hinge: Now use painters tape to create a hinge starting from the wall at the top center all the way to the wall at the bottom center. The tape should be vertically centered and attached to the wall above and below the Opti-Rite Material.  
    5. Left Side Prep: Take off painter’s tape from the corners of the left side. Double check the placement of material to ensure that it is level. This is a permanent product with extremely strong adhesion. Carefully peel the liner off of the entire un-taped left side and use scissors to cut it off. 
    6. Left Side Adhesion: With one person holding the corners outstretched, use a soft cloth or a squeegee to push the material onto the wall moving from the center all the way to the edges making sure to eliminate any air bubbles. Once the left side is completely flush to the wall, move on to the next step. 
    7. Right Side Prep: Remove the painters tape from the center and corners of the right side. Carefully peel off the liner making sure not to pull on the adhered Opti-Rite Material on the left side. 
    8. Right Side Adhesion: With one person holding the corners of the right side outstretched, use a squeegee or a soft cloth to push the material onto the wall moving from center to edges until the entire Opti-Rite Covering is secured on the wall. Use the squeegee or soft cloth to get any remaining air bubbles out from under the material. 
    9. Usage:  Before using your new dry erase writing surface for the first time, we recommend that you wipe it down with a soft cloth. 




Resurfacing old worn out plastic, wood or metal mediums is easy with Opti-Rite® Dry Erase Wallpaper. 

Ordering our Industrial Quality Custom Dry Erase Board is Easy

Industrial Quality Custom Dry Erase Boards

Our selection of custom designed whiteboards is vast and varied. Choose between Custom -Magnetic or non-magnetic, Prism-Lock Custom Premium, Printed Floor Decals, Dry Erase Checks, Custom Lap Board, and Custom Portable Whiteboards with any design that you send us. With a lead time of only 5-7 business days, you can order your Custom dry erase board, with any design imaginable at a competitive price. Not sure where to begin? Here are some FAQ! 


How do I purchase in bulk? 

If you are ordering a large amount of boards or need a formal written estimate for your office, please contact us. Our experts are here to help at: 866-366-1500


Where do I upload my artwork? 

  1. Once you’ve placed an order, your account manager will email you a link where you can upload your artwork.  
  2. If the artwork needs resolution adjustments or other edits, you can choose to use our in-house graphic design service to ensure the highest printing quality. A PDF proof will be created showing the exact design. We reserve the right to charge additional artwork fees depending upon the complexity of your files and the amount of time that our graphic designers need to make your files compatible. We do not charge you for the service until you are fully satisfied with your PDF proofs and color samples. You can make up to 3 revisions at no additional charge. More than 3 may require an additional charge.
  3. You will sign off on both the PDF proof and color samples. At that time your account manager will complete your order and bill your credit for the rest of the order. 


What if my artwork is lo-res or I need help with the designing process? 

If the artwork needs resolution adjustments or other edits, you can choose to use our in-house graphic design service to ensure the highest printing quality. A PDF proof will be created showing the exact design. We reserve the right to charge additional artwork fees depending upon the complexity of your files and the amount of time that our graphic designers need to make your files compatible. We do not charge you for the service until you are fully satisfied with your PDF proofs and color samples. 

You will sign off on both the PDF proof and color samples. At that time your account manager will complete your order and bill your credit for the rest of the order.


What files do you accept?

The preferred file types are vector images such as:

  • .ai (Adobe Illustrator)
  • .eps
  • .pdf
  • .dwg Cad Drawing
  • Usually Acceptable / Non vector
  • .jpg (High Resolution)
  • .tif (High Resolution)
  • .psd (High Resolution)

What type of board do I need?

We offer many types of custom printed boards. Make sure you choose the right board for your design. 

  • Framed Wall Mounted – Magnetic & Non-Magnetic
  • Unframed Wall Prints Only – Non-Magnetic Only
  • Small Hand Held – 6″x9″, 9″x12″ & 12″x18″ – Non-Magnetic
  • Portable & Reversible – Magnetic Only
  • Conference Cabinets – Magnetic
  • Standing Easels – Magnetic & Non-Magnetic

What is the turnaround time? 

With a lead time of only 5-7 business days, you can order your custom dry erase board, with any design imaginable at a competitive price.

Product Launch: The Pinnacle of Dry Erase Boards

This dry erase board is engineered to resist chemicals, scratching and fading for a lifetime. With a lead time of only 5-7 business days, you can order your Custom Prism-Lock™ dry erase board, with any design imaginable at a competitive price, and with no minimum quantity. If you don’t have a design yet, our graphic design specialists are standing by to bring your pixel-perfect dry erase art piece to life. Keep reading to learn more about the product specifics, features and dimensions available, or contact us for questions or orders.


Prism-Lock™ Product Specifications

You can order the Custom Prism-Lock™ dry erase board in 10 different dimensions from 18″ Tall x 24″ W all the way to 4′ T x 8′ W , with or without a marker tray (but for only a couple dollars more.)

The brilliant color saturation is achieved by using the Prism-Lock technology that fuses your design to a metal substrate. They are engineered to not only convey the best possible photo resolution, but to last a lifetime. 

To clean the Custom Prism-Lock™ board we recommend water, whiteboard cleaner or isopropyl alcohol. However, accidents happen, and you can’t always be 100% certain that the right solution is being used. Cleaning the Prism-Lock™ Board is worry free. The product is made with steel panels that are developed to withstand extremely harsh chemicals like ammonia, bleach, all-purpose cleaners and glass cleaner. 


The level of quality achieved is unparalleled by any other printing method. You can order a Prism-Lock™ dry erase board without a design, but we recommend it. When it’s not in use, you’ll have a show-stopping piece of artwork hanging in your office or conference room.

The Custom Prism-Lock™ Dry Erase Board is Guaranteed to be:


  • Prism lock printing fuses graphics into dry erase surface
  • Magnetic receptive – use with any type of magnet
  • Competitively priced
  • Custom design or graphic design services available
  • Available in gloss white
  • Ten different dimensions to choose from, both portrait and landscape
  • Satin anodized aluminum trim
  • Pixel-perfect full-color graphics 
  • No minimum quantities
  • Scratch resistant- Hoffman Scratch Test result of 1800
  • Prevents marker penetration that causes ghosting
  • Accepts dry & wet erase markers
  • Includes installation hardware
  • Easy installation process
  • Chemical resistant (Can be cleaned with ammonia, bleach, acetone, rubbing alcohol, glass and all-purpose cleaners.)
  • Color lasts a lifetime with fading resistant technology
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Clean with water, whiteboard cleaner or isopropyl alcohol
  • Lead-time: 5-7 business days
  • Meets the lowest Class A flame spread index of 25 or less and smoke developed index 450 or less
  • Steel substrate .023” Thick

Product Comparison


Magnetic Chemical Resistant Pixel Perfect Custom Design 10 Sizes Scratch Resistant
Custom Prism-Lock™ Dry Erase Board ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
OptiMA™ Great White® Magnetic Whiteboards ✔️ ✔️


How to Order

  1. Make your size selection and place your order.
  2. Wait for an email from us requesting your artwork file(s) or design instructions.
  3. Once we receive your artwork, we’ll send back a proof within 24-48 hours.

For a more detailed explanation, graphic design tips and artwork file guide, visit our website using the buttons below.

Grandmother of Four Grade School Kids Shares Her At-Home Learning Experience

How it Began for Julie, Grandmother and Guardian of Four Grade School Kids

Julie J.’s life got turned “upside down, inside out and backwards” when Covid-19 hit her community of Clovis, CA, in March. Julie, grandmother of four, (a kindergartener, a 3rd grader, a 5th grader and an 8th grader) was faced with a tough situation. School had gone remote and online learning was in full swing. Working nights and supporting 4 kids was hard enough. Julie said she has “become a teacher” since the start of Covid-19.

At the start of the fall semester, Julie purchased a 12 pack of small double sided dry erase boards and array of other whiteboards like the alphabet manuscript white board and the lined whiteboard for her kindergartner to practice words and sentences.



“The whiteboards have been a life-saver.” -Julie J. of Clovis, CA

When Julie’s youngest granddaughter has homework, she’ll practice on the manuscript white board first. For example, the kindergarteners fill out a sentence like: “On winter break we…” and then draw the picture in the blank space.

The entire kindergarten class uses page protectors as make-shift whiteboards, but these easily tore up after using them day-in and day-out. With 4 kids running around since August, only one of the 15 durable whiteboards she purchased, actually has a nick. And the micro-fiber cloths make the clean-up easy, says Julie.  

As expected, sometimes students can’t always erase in time for the teacher’s next question. Julie helped her youngest granddaughter by setting up multiple clean white boards to use so that she can easily keep up with the class, if the teacher says, “Ok! Time to erase!”  Julie hopes that by sharing this tactic, she can help just one other parent or guardian in the efforts to guide their children in virtual learning. 

Lap Boards Can Support Unique Learning Styles

Julie’s grandkids are witty and understand the virus down to the molecular level. Even the youngest of students understand the need for social distancing and attention to personal hygiene. Additionally, Julie understands that each of her grandchildren perceive and learn things differently. She explained how she tries to engage with each of the 4 learning styles, Visual, Auditory, Linguistic (reading/writing) and Kinesthetic, as she guides her kids in online learning. She reads them stories, uses educational TV and creates activities for them, like building a leprechaun trap for St. Patrick’s day. This is why she believes whiteboards have come in handy when exercising Visual, Kinesthetic and Linguistic abilities. 


There are a plethora of additional tools to use at home like dry erase to-do or “chore” magnets, XY grid whiteboards for high or junior high school math, and magnetic dry erase calendars that make changing plans just a little easier. Studies show that writing things down is an “effective memory and learning aid because it prompts students to think about their learning.” You can browse all of our learning tools here at: