Adam Reed, Marketing Manager

Meet Adam Reed, Marketing Manager

Adam Reed
Adam Reed, Marketing Manager

Adam Reed joined OptiMA, Inc. as a customer service representative in 2005, and it didn’t take long for him to start putting his communication degree from Framingham State University to work.

Adam says one of his best professional qualities is the desire to learn, and that is surely obvious in the path he has taken here at OptiMA. His early interactions with customers on the telephone as a customer service representative taught him a great deal about the online shopping experience and the unique needs of customers who don’t have the luxury of picking a product up and inspecting it firsthand.

“Customer feedback is gold,” says Adam. “One of the most important things we can do is to pay attention to customer questions and comments, so we can integrate what we’ve learned into a more informative and user-friendly website.”

In his current role as marketing manager, Adam wears a lot of different hats. He’s responsible for all of the company’s printed materials, trade shows and, of course, he’s actively involved in the development and management of our family of websites. He has a hand in search engine optimization and product research, and he manages OptiMA’s presence on social media, such as Facebook.

“I enjoy the versatility of working in a small company where you can see more of the direct impact of your efforts,” Adam says. “It’s very gratifying when our efforts to produce clear and concise product information and graphics results in improved customer satisfaction and sales.”

A fan of all of the Boston sports teams, Adam says he especially enjoys seeing OptiMA’s specialty products being put to use in the professional sports world. “I just have to overlook the fact that our products might be used to make a rival team more effective in competing with a Boston team,” he laughs.