10 Uses For a Whiteboard

I love my whiteboard wall in my room. When thoughts become muddled and the next course of action is unclear, I turn to my 8’x4’ whiteboard and use it to scribble down thoughts, comforted by the ability to quickly erase if I need to and the ability to step back and see the full picture. I know I’m not the only one who uses visuals to plot their ideas and intentions. No matter what age, profession or industry, remote or on-site, these 10 dry erase board uses can help you clear your mind and achieve your goals. 

1. Goal Tracking 

If you write down your goals you’re 3x more likely to achieve them. This is why many franchises provide their owners with whiteboards to track their progress. You don’t have to have a business to use this tactic. I use my whiteboard wall to track personal finance goals, exercise goals and creative goals alike. I write down the number I want to hit and leave an empty box to check off. I know that when I hit that goal, physically checking off the box will feel so good. 

2. Main Character Moments

It’s important to realize that your life’s journey is a combination of both fate and free will. As an individual you can make a decision or let it be decided for you. Ultimately, you have to provide your own direction and be your own coach, especially if you are an entrepreneur or influencer. Section your whiteboard into a customizable dashboard that you can reference in times of uncertainty. Let it be your Life Coach providing you with every ounce of motivation you need to keep going. Write down quotes from your idols, and mantras that have worked for you. Write down a SMART goal and recognize that nothing is permanent. Especially on a dry erase board. Plans change and being able to erase without a trace, is a great way to adapt. They don’t call it a “clean slate” for nothing. 

3. Projector Screen

If you have a projector and a laptop, all you need is a low gloss dry erase board and you have yourself an interactive whiteboard for presenting a PowerPoint or a home theater for your basement or den. A soundbar and an aux cord are optional. Many home theatre instruction manuals will tell you that you need a Audio/Visual Receiver box but this is only necessary if you want to control several different sound bars simultaneously. If you want to learn more about how to set this up and how to turn your whiteboard work into digital text that you can share, read our blog on How to Turn Your Dry Erase Boards into an Interactive Whiteboard. 

4.  Resurfacing

Renovating and resurfacing your walls with dry erase wallpaper is a great way to save money while creating collaborative spaces for your indoor office, gym, playroom, or classroom and for your outdoor dugout, court or scoreboard. With a self-adhesive backing or a strippable adhesive, future removal is damage free. 

5. Wall to Wall and Floor to Ceiling

Dry Erase wallpaper allows for seamless wall to wall and ceiling to floor whiteboard walls. Check out what Bryant University did in their new Academic Innovation Center, proving that the whiteboard is the innovator’s chosen tool. A study on software designers showed that 80% of cognitive processes made use of whiteboard sketches confirming whiteboards as a “rich medium for supporting design conversations.”  Many others agree.  

6. Decision Making and Storytelling

Biographers, speech writers, producers and creative writers in general need to produce a captivating narrative. But regardless of profession, we’ve all experienced the infamous writer’s block. In layman’s terms, writer’s block is the lack of creative juice. Every job requires creativity and most of the time it’s creativity that solves real world problems and responds to crises. A sequence diagram or story map helps writers brainstorm the perfect narrative. In the business world, it can act as a “project premortem” that reveals obstacles and crises before they happen. 

7. You Know the Drill

Having something you can easily erase and update is great for the gym, the football field, dance studio etc. Small lapboards or wall mounted whiteboards make rehearsing or practicing a little easier and more tailored to the prodigy’s learning style. Everyone with the ability to see can learn visually, but 65% of all of these people learn best visually. This is a highly significant fact to consider when you expect your young grasshoppers to  memorize the drill, the play, or the choreography. 

8. Family PSAs

Of course, brick and mortar businesses should use visual displays at the point-of-purchase, and restaurants should do the same to showcase their menus. Ever thought of creating one for your fridge or your office? Inventory your fridge with these magnetic dry erase sheets or create a menu for the week. Create a dry erase desk blotter to organize your day-to-day and to give you a little motivation. 

9. Creativity for adults and kids

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” -Albert Einstein In other words, playtime is not just for kids. Though a whiteboard is a fantastic piece for the playroom, it’s also a great tool in the office. Drawing and writing by hand can help you arrive at your eureka moment. Try a mind map to help visual your thoughts. 

10. Remote Learning

Small handheld whiteboards, or lapboards have become extremely popular over the course of 2020 because they offer students another way to communicate in the zoom classroom. Julie, a grandmother of 4, bought a 12 pack of lapboards and has given them glowing reviews. Visit our blog to read Julie’s story and see how she helped her youngest keep up with her zoom class.